Lab Manual Science Class 6 CBSE
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Question: How can you separate a mixture of sand and water using sedimentation and decantation?

Answer: By allowing the mixture to stand so that the heavier sand settles at the bottom, then carefully pouring off the water, the sand can be separated from the water.

Question: What is the significance of demonstrating the process of transpiration in plants?

Answer: The demonstration helps in understanding how plants regulate water loss and the role of transpiration in nutrient uptake and cooling of the plant.

Question: What is the function of a battery?

Answer: A battery is a group of connected cells that provides a source of electric power.

Question: What precautions should be taken during the experiment on transpiration?

Answer: Precautions include conducting the experiment during daytime on a sunny day and properly tying up the mouths of the polythene bags.

Question: What is the purpose of the experiment “Sedimentation and Decantation”?

Answer: The purpose is to separate a mixture of sand and water using the processes of sedimentation and decantation.

Question: What are the effects of transpiration on plants?

Answer: Transpiration helps in cooling the plant and facilitating the absorption of water and minerals by the roots.

Question: Name a few examples of insulators.

Answer: Examples of insulators include rubber, glass, and plastic.

Question: What is the role of joints in the human body?

Answer: Joints allow for various movements such as rotation, bending, and partial movement, contributing to the body’s flexibility and mobility.

Question: What is the significance of understanding the concept of conductors and insulators?

Answer: Understanding conductors and insulators is important in various applications, including electrical safety and the design of electrical systems.

Question: What are the characteristics of a balanced diet?

Answer: A balanced diet should include essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals in appropriate proportions .

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