MATHEMATICS Class 10 CBSE Question bank 2025

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About Course

Enhance your educational journey with MATHEMATICS Class 10 CBSE Question Bank 2025 – the ultimate companion tailored for the latest CBSE curriculum.

Access comprehensive chapter-wise and topic-wise revision notes for a solid grasp of each concept.
Elevate your confidence with an extensive array of practice questions from previous years, ensuring you’re fully prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

Course Content


CHAPTER 1-Real Numbers

CHAPTER 2-Polynomials

CHAPTER 3-Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

CHAPTER 4-Quadratic Equations

CHAPTER 5-Arithmetic Progressions

CHAPTER 6-Triangles

CHAPTER 7-Coordinate Geometry

CHAPTER 8-Introduction to Trigonometry

CHAPTER 9-Some Applications of Trigonometry

CHAPTER 10-Circles

CHAPTER 11-Areas Related to Circles

CHAPTER 12-Surface Areas and Volumes

CHAPTER 13-Statistics

CHAPTER 14-Probability

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